Contact sheet 

The easiest way to contact us is through this contact sheet. We are looking forward to getting in touch with you!


Thomas Eriksson, Managing Director & Marketing Director

Phone: +46 (0) 70 - 2057495

Skype: thomasanchor

E-Mail: thomas.eriksson@anchorlas.se



Robert Fredriksson, Product Manager

Phone: +46 (0) 70 - 5344371

E-Mail: robert.fredriksson@anchorlas.se


Laila Ödqvist, Orders and Deliveries

E-Mail: order@anchorlas.se


Linda Pettersson, Financial Manager

E-Mail: linda.pettersson@anchorlas.se


Lennart Eriksson, Production Manager

E-Mail: lennart.eriksson@anchorlas.se